Chasing Lost Times: A Father and Son Reconciled Through Running

2012 Mainstream

'Geoffrey Beattie is an extremely successful academic and celebrity psychologist. He was perhaps a less successful father. His obsession with his career and his driving passion for running when he was at home almost destroyed his relationship with his son, but, ironically, it is running that has brought them back together.

Chasing Lost Timesis the emotional story of a father and son trying to repair a relationship through a shared activity that depends on sheer physical effort, the kind of physical effort that may once have been the source of commonality between father and son in all previous generations but which seems to be absent in the modern world.' (from the cover).

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‘Both perspectives are provided side-by-side in this visionary book, which will appeal to anyone who has ever felt a passion to a particular sport or hobby. It is a book about relationships, acceptance of mistakes and the power of forgiveness and is about dreams of the future rather than visions of the past. It confirms the indisputable bond between father and son, as ironically it is the father who ends up learning from the son. Beautifully written, it is a compelling read with a feel-good factor.’
The Psychologist, 2012

*‘Their tale is fascinating’…[the book] ‘has received rave reviews so far and Athletics Weekly would also recommend it.’*Athletics Weekly, 2013

‘An exploration of a father/son relationship at first strained by, and later restored by, running; a common interest that both divides and unites. TV psychologist Geoffrey Beattie provides beautifully phrased insights into the complexities of family and running.
Runner’s World, 2013