Visible Thought: The New Psychology of Body Language

2003 Routledge

Are you saying one thing whilst your hands reveal another?Are you influenced by other people's body language and don't even know it?

Darting through examples found anywhere from the controlled psychology laboratory, to modern advertising and the Big Brother TV phenomenon, official Big Brother psychologist Geoffrey Beattie takes on the issue of what our everyday gestures mean and how they affect our relationships with other people. For a long time psychologists have misunderstood body language as an emotional nonverbal side effect. In this book Geoffrey Beattie ranges across the history of communication from Cicero to Chomsky to demonstrate that by adding to, or even contradicting what we say, gestures literally make our true thoughts visible. A unique blend of popular examples and scientific research presented in language that everybody can understand,Visible Thoughtis an accessible and groundbreaking text that will appeal to those interested in social psychology and anyone who wants to delve beneath the surface of human interaction.

Geoffrey Beattie is the official Big Brother psychologist and Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Manchester. He is a recipient of the Spearman Medal awarded by the British Psychological Society for 'published psychological work of outstanding merit'.' (from the cover).

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‘Geoffrey Beattie breathes new life into a thousand tired old clichés about body language. This is a fascinating book on two levels. The first is a serious scientific one arguing for new ideas about nonverbal communication. The second level is perhaps a shade less Nature and a dash more Heat or Hello. As Big Brother psychologist, Beattie is able to offer insights into such aspects of contemporary culture as Stuart’s wink and Kate’s eye contact. It’s an excellent, provocative read.’
David Cohen

‘For those wanting an academic text on non-verbal communication this is a thoughtful, up-to-date book.’
The Times Higher Educational Supplement, 2004