Britney Spears: Breaking Point

November 2019

I took part in the documentary ‘BRITNEY SPEARS: BREAKING POINT’ which aired on Channel 5 on Sunday 3rd November.

The programme considered the heavy price of fame and celebrity as revealed through a critical 14 months in the life of Britney Spears. The fragile connection between superstardom and mental health was uncovered.

In the words of Jannine Waddell the Executive Producer who made the programme: ‘The public seem to love a train wreck, especially when it happens to a big star on a global stage. We hoover it up on social media with barely a thought of the possible consequences. Yet celebrities are human too, and the pressure of fame and intense public scrutiny can lead to some reaching breaking point.’

In the programme, I considered the pressures of celebrity and that odd relationship that exists between celebrities and the public, mediated by the paparazzi. I discussed how this intense pressure and public scrutiny operates in particular situations and the psychological consequences. The programme was partly a commentary on celebrity culture and, in addition, an analysis of how the public’s incredible desire to have a close-up view of certain celebrities can promote serious psychological damage.