New book ‘Doubt: A Psychological Exploration’ will be published in November 2022

July 2022

My new book ‘Doubt: A Psychological Exploration’ (Routledge) will be published in November 2022. Some excellent pre-publication reviews:

‘This is one of the most brilliant books I have ever come across. Its aim is to address the question of what is doubt, not directly in any circumscribed definitional standard, but by examining the powerful role it has had (and continues to have) in human life.’ Professor Marcel Danesi, University of Toronto.

‘Geoff Beattie has written a brilliantly entertaining book about the little considered phenomenon of doubt, focusing mainly but not exclusively on self-doubt. Part memoir, part an examination of the psychology of doubt, and part an examination of the role of doubt (or lack of it) in the lives of key historical figures - Jung, Kafka, Picasso. Ernest Dichter (a psychoanalyst who devoted his talents to promoting the consumption of cigarettes) and Alan Turing - the book offers a wide-ranging and unique appreciation of the importance of doubt in individual minds and in human affairs.’ Professor Richard Bentall, University of Sheffield.

‘Beattie brilliantly illustrates the science of doubt with fascinating case studies from doubters like Kafka, to non-doubters like Picasso and how it can be addressed therapeutically, as in Brendan Ingle’s boxing gym in Sheffield.’ Professor Brian Butterworth, University College London.