Chapter in the All-Party Parliamentary Group report on banning trophy hunting

July 2022

I attended a reception in the Houses of Parliament with the Secretary of State for the Environment, the ex-President of Botswana and the legendary Jane Goodall (by video link) to launch the APPG report, which will hopefully impact on the progress of the trophy hunting bill as it makes its way through Parliament in November. My focus in the report was the psychological factors behind trophy hunting. The report and some of the news stories are available on the APPG’s website:

The Secretary of the APPG wrote to me saying ‘thank you once again for your invaluable contribution. The report is, I believe, the most comprehensive of its kind ever produced by a legislative committee in any country in the world. There is no doubt in my mind that it will help ensure the successful passage of the UK legislation, and hopefully encourage more governments to follow suit.’